Areas of experience and interest: 


  • Family & Relationships Therapy can support you in understanding your relationships with family, friends and partners.  Relationships may have difficult dynamics that are hard to fully recognise or discuss or there may be an absence of feeling that can be confusing. Do your relationships feel fulfilling and if not how might you develop greater intimacy and connection? To understand your relationships it is important to develop greater awareness of yourself.  Therapy can support you recognise patterns in relationships and develop insight to understand past relationships to know yourself more in the present.


      Working together we explore patterns that may not be immediate to self-awareness to help your        relationships.  This can include improving communication, exploring new behaviours, intimacy or        recognising and developing personal boundaries.


  • Anxiety is an important biological survival mechanism that keeps us safe from threats in our environment.  When our natural anxiety response develops into panic attacks, persistent worry or social anxiety our natural fight or flight response develops an overactive response which can be debilitating when it impacts upon social situations and communication, public travel or difficulty sleeping, etc.  Therapy offers a space to develop an understanding of your anxiety by exploring how it emerged as an adaptive response to early experiences, recognise triggers and identify strategies to help reduce and prevent anxiety.  


  • Depression can have many causes including the end of a relationship, loss and bereavement, repressed anger or struggles with self-belief and acceptance. Therapy offers a space for developing a greater understanding of depression, strategies to cope and ways to deal with negative thoughts and behaviours that may be impacting upon your relationships, employment and vitality.  Understanding who you are, how you relate to others and yourself will is an important focus.  Compassion is what the therapeutic relationship can cultivate, for your self and your past. We work together to allow you to experience yourself with freedom, working through any emotion or way of being that may be holding you back.


  • Phobias | obsessive-compulsive conditions


  • Self-esteem, confidence & workplace issues


  • Death and bereavement


  • Eating, body issues & self-harm


  • Gender, sexuality and non-binary identity


  • Masculinity and feminity, manhood and womanhood - what it means to be our gendered self


  • Diversity and Cultural issues of identity and belonging


  • Disability, long-term and unseen health and medical conditions


  • Specific learning differences and neurodiversity (dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, autism & Aspergers)


  • The experience of growing up in foster care and adoption


  • Pregnancy, parenting, young parenthood and post-natal depression

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